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So you have decided to join us in our tent parked outside of Malfoy Manor? Well, remember to share the omnioculars during Lucius' bathtime. Oh and please feel free to join us on the Manor lawns at noon for tea and naked Slytherin sports with Draco, such as House Elf Punting.
For our contingent in the dungeons, don't forget to check out the cage in Snape's classroom where our beloved Blaise is currently sleeping off a tweleve day shag fest with our esteemed Potions Master.

Welcome to slytherin_sluts! This community is dedicated to Slytherins and other Slytherin lovers. This is a forum for fanart, fanfiction, icons, recommendations, discussions...whatever regarding Slytherins or HP.

We allow slash or het in this community (although many of us are fonder of slash).

Please make a welcoming post when you first join so that we can get to know our members.

Your mods are thesnapelyone AKA Nori the evil mod and killer_the_cat AKA Killer the less evil good mod. We are both in our mid-twenties (even though we don't act like it at times) and have wicked senses of humor.

We often hold contests here and urge all members to enter. Prizes range from simple award banners, to lj paid time, to gift certificates at a store near you.

While we hold the U.S. Freedom of Speech (don't know what I speak of? Google "Bill of Rights") nearly and dearly to our hearts, we will not stand for flaming or blatant rudeness. Any such bullshit will get you thrown directly out on your ass. Try to respect others' opinions and make critiscm constructive.

Any fics or R and NC-17 material should be placed behind a cut tag.

Also -Please, please, please-if you are under 18 (or the age of consent in your country), look at the warnings before clicking links/cut tags. Do not be reading or looking at things that you are not supposed to be. Your mods would be terrified if they had to share Martha Stewart's cell for aiding and abedding to the delinquency of minors. *shivers in fear*

Still have questions? Contact killer_the_cat or thesnapelyone

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